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Being a point of God's grace in the world!

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Encounter:  Encountering God is His plan for every person.  God desires that we connect
with Him.  We cannot do this on our own.  It is because of grace that He offers forgiveness.  
When we decide to turn away from attempting to live a life without Him, He is ready to
forgive and change our life.  This forgiveness cannot be earned, it is a gift from God to us.  
God offers this forgiveness because Jesus died on the cross for us.

Experience: Grace is not just something that happens when we decide to follow Jesus.  God
desires for us to experience His presence, power, and purpose for our life every day.  This is
God's daily grace.  God wants us to live a full and meaningful life and experience His love at
all times.

Express:  God's plan is that what we encounter of Him and experience from Him we then
express to others.  The world needs God's love and grace.  He has chosen us to demonstrate
His grace in practical ways to people.  We thus earn the right to be heard by others
concerning God's plan for forgiveness through Jesus Christ.
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